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Filmmaker Jim Hare Dishes on Mercalli SAL Mac, By Robert DeMoulin

Hare Brained’s founder, Jim Hare speaks about proDAD’s new Mercalli® SAL for Mac.

proDADs Mercalli in the French Alps

Mercalli V4 SAL+ is a professional video editing program for action cam videos with stabilizing effects and rolling shutter correction.

Mercalli V4 SAL+ - You will not find better stabilisation software

Whether modelling cars or aeroplanes, it is incredibly exciting to experience the action from the perspective of the model.

3 new plug-ins from Mercalli for EDIUS: The user has the choice

After the call for a Mercalli plug-in for EDIUS became unmistakable, it finally happened: Mercalli V4 SAL+ as a plug-in for EDIUS is finally available for all users! Thus, smooth action videos are ...

Mercalli and DeFishr above Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon nature spectacle

Flying with a helicopter over breathtaking cities and beautiful landscapes is such a wonderful experience that it should be captured on video. But these shots are blurred by the movements of the ...

Hardware video stabilisation with the camera or software stabilisation with ...

There are many ways to stabilise an action cam video. For "smooth" video enjoyment, the market has now developed a wealth of opportunities for stabilising action cam videos while recording directly ...

Which product is right for you?

ProDRENALIN, DeFishr, Mercalli and ReSpeedr - proDAD has something for everyone, but which product is "your" product and fits your needs?