Newest tools to optimize your actioncam, drone and smartphone videos including professional effects and storyboard function


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The all-new ProDRENALIN V2 Plus is a dream come true for avid actioncam and aerial drone users and is the perfect tool for refining rough video footage with next-level corrections for warped, shaky & jittery video that is also in need of extensive image cleanup. ProDrenalin Plus handles all that with ease and adds cool filter effects to the video, and new industry-standard palette of editing tools that make advanced clip editing a snap. Simply put, ProDRENALIN V2 Plus can rescue unusable video and transform so-so video into an awesome movie.

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Fix wonky colors with all new advanced pro-grade color correction, complete with an all-new automatic correction mode or extensive manual adjustment of brightness, contrast, white balance, and tint to get that perfect look, and even a histogram to monitor changes as you make them.

Add video filter effects to add some sizzle to your clips with dozens of proDAD’s professional video filter effects which can be applied individually to a clip and can even be controlled with key-frames if desired, and screen position, rotation, and scaling are fully adjustable. Popular vignette, film-looks, spotlight, color, and black & white effects give your clips that professional look.

Shape things up even more with rolling-shutter correction to correct skew-distortion and newly enhanced video de-noising and sharpening that not only yields better correction than before, but is also significantly faster.

Work smarter not harder with ProDRENALIN V2 Plus new project management tools which allow you to save projects with a unique name and load them again later, and even save your camera profile and select settings for future use with new projects. New keyboard shortcuts and enhanced timeline controls give you the power of a big-name editor but without all the complexity. Preview everything in real-time before exporting so you know you’ve got it right.

Bye-bye fisheye! ProDRENALIN V2 Plus introduces newly optimized camera profiles for all major action cameras and many drones and DSLR cameras that more effectively flattens warped still images and video, and provides options to manually adjust a camera profile on the fly if you need to tweak a standard profile. Want to keep the fisheye look but need to stabilize the video? No problem, the new V2 camera profiles are optimized for this.

Tell the story fast with ProDRENALIN V2 Plus new Storyboard feature, allows you to arrange your clips into a rough-cut movie, even split longer clips into individual ones and preview everything in real-time.  There is even a clever little magnifying glass to zoom in and check things out close up. Export the clips individually for sharing on social media, or combined together as a rough movie to be polished further with an NLE.

New export format options give you loads more choices to meet your exacting needs.  AVC/H.264 (.mp4 or .mov), H.265 (.mov), Apple ProRes (.mov), Motion JPEG (.mov), generic .AVI, Canopus HQ/HQX (.avi), and YES…GoPro Cineform are all supported now. Export individual clips or export many clips together with batch processing.

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Further information

Fisheye Removal Features    
Autmatic Fisheye Removal ✔︎ ✔︎
Works wih Video & Still Images ✔︎ ✔︎
Optimized Camera Profiles ✔︎ -
Adjustable Camera Profiles ✔︎ -
On-going profile additions ✔︎ -
Image Stabilization Features    
Stabilization Technology Mercalli V4 Mercalli V2
CMOS Distortion Correction ✔︎ -
Possible levels of  Correction 3 1
Optimal Stabilization of fisheye video ✔︎ -
Rolling Shutter Correction ✔︎ ✔︎
Batch analysis option ✔︎ -
Image cleanup Features    
Basic Color/brightness/contrast correction ✔︎ ✔︎
Advanced color correction tools ✔︎ -
Fully automatic Image correction ✔︎ -
Histagram display ✔︎ -
Magnifying glass tool ✔︎ -
Video sharpening Enhanced & faster ✔︎
Video De-noising Enhanced & faster ✔︎
Editing Features    
Scalable timeline Enhanced ✔︎
Basic clip trim editing ✔︎ ✔︎
Clip Splitting ✔︎ -
Storyboard a rough cut movie ✔︎ -
Drag & drop, click & drag in canvas ✔︎ -
Common NLE keyboard shortcuts ✔︎ -
Real-time clip preview/playback ✔︎ ✔︎
Video Effects Features    
Apply video filter effects ✔︎ -
Included video effects Vignette, lighting, color, B&W, others -
Adjust location, rotation, scale ✔︎ -
Keyframe support ✔︎ -
Export Features    
Batch export processing ✔︎ ✔︎
Export combined clips as rough-cut movie  ✔︎ -
Direct upload to Youtube ✔︎ -
Project Mangement Features    
Ability to save & re-open saved project ✔︎ -
Save exported project with unique name ✔︎ -
Save used settings as a template ✔︎ -
Format & Resolution Support    
Video Input formats mov; mpg; mpeg; mp4; mts; m2t; m2ts; GoPro Cineform, m2v; avi; wmv; mxf; vob; vcd; 3gp; mkv; tod; mod mov, mpg, mpeg, mp4, mts, m2t, m2ts, m2v, avi, wmv, mxf, vob, vcd, 3gp
Video Export formats AVC/H.264 (mp4+mov), Canopus HQ/HQX, HEVC/H.265 (mov), MJpeg (mov) AVC/H.264 (mp4-mov)
Still image Input formats jpg, tif, png, tga, gif, bmp, dpx jpg, tif, png, tga, gif, bmp, dpx
Still image Export formats JPEG JPEG

Windows 64-Bit Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10, Win11, 2GB-memory, recommended: i7-cpu, 6 GB memory 

For an automatic removal of fisheye-distortions profiles of the following cameras (and comparable models) are already included.

Further camera profiles will be continually added.

ActionPro X7
Braun Master
Canon EOS 60D
Canon HFG10
Canon LEGRIA mini X
Canon XHA1
Contour HD Mod1300
Contour ROAM3
DJI Phantom 2 Vision
DJI Phantom 2 Vision+
Drift Ghost-S
Drift Innovations HD170
Drift Stealth
Eken H8R
Garmin VIRB
GoPro Hero 1
GoPro Hero 2
GoPro Hero 3
GoPro Hero 3+
GoPro Hero 4
GoPro Hero 5
GoPro Hero 5 Session
HP ac200
Ion Air Pro
Mobius ActionCam
Panasonic HX-A500
Panasonic LumixDMC T27
Rollei Bullet HD
Rollei Bullet S5
Rollei S30
Rollei S40
Rollei S7
Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Galaxy S3
Somikon DV800
Sony AS100 V (Steady on/off)
Sony X1000V
Sony HDR AS10/AS15
Sony HDR AZ1
Sumikon DV78.night
Toshiba X-Sports
GoPro Hero+
Canon EOS C100
GoPro Hero4 44mm Flat Lens
Foxeer Legend 1
SJcam 5000x
SJcam SJ5000
SJcam M10 / 4000
Veho MUVI K-Series

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ProDRENALIN V1 visits ruins of a Maya temple

ProDRENALIN V1 was taken by its users to very different places all over the world. This time it went to the ruins of a temple by the ancient Maya culture. And ProDRENALIN did a great job there.