Video Effects & Transitions
Adorage SD (Adorage1-9)

proDADs Adorage SD-Linie introduces beautiful effects for event-shooters, wedding-filmers and ambitious hobby filmers. Some of the Adorage SD-effects are optimized for SD-resolution. Mamy of the objects may as well be used in HD-productions.

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Adorage All-in-one package Vol. 1-13

All available Volumes in one price-reduced bundle

599.00 $

Adorage Effects Package 13

Family, Festivities, Parties – Fun Effects for the beautiful moments in life!

For your spectacular ...

99.00 $

Adorage Effects Package 12

More than 2,000 customizable effects for editing and enhancing travel footage or video. Sights, ...
99.00 $

Adorage Effects Package 11

HD Global Travel & Flags Effects

99.00 $

Adorage Effects Package 10

HD Video Effects

99.00 $

VitaScene V2 LE

149.00 $

VitaScene V2 PRO

499.00 $


This program definitely offers a huge amount of stuff for the money and I am confident that both amateurs and experts will find more than enough to pull out of the bag.

Adorage 10 offers a series of very simply implemented, yet professional effects, with plug-ins for the most commonly used video editing packages. With over 700 customisable video and transition effects it is easy to see why ProDAD have become a leading player in the video editing market.

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