Video Effects & Transitions
Adorage SD (Adorage1-9)

proDADs Adorage SD-Linie introduces beautiful effects for event-shooters, wedding-filmers and ambitious hobby filmers. Some of the Adorage SD-effects are optimized for SD-resolution. Mamy of the objects may as well be used in HD-productions.

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Adorage All-in-one package Vol. 1-13

All available Volumes in one price-reduced bundle

599.00 $

Adorage 13

Family, Festivities, Parties – Fun Effects for the beautiful moments in life!

For your spectacular ...

99.00 $

Adorage Effects Package 12

More than 2,000 customizable effects for editing and enhancing travel footage or video. Sights, ...
99.00 $

Adorage Effects Package 11

HD Global Travel & Flags Effects

99.00 $

Adorage Effects Package 10

HD Video Effects

99.00 $

VitaScene V2 LE

149.00 $

VitaScene V2 PRO

499.00 $


At LockerGnome we take a fairly punk rock approach to videos. We largely avoid title effects in video. We rarely use effects and transitions; if you’re lucky we might perform some jump-cut edits. That doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate video editing and effects. There are many videos that benefit greatly when effects are applied or image enhancement technologies are used.

On the occasions when I add effects to my videos, I frequently turn to the proDAD Adorage effects for Windows video editing applications. Sony Vegas and Avid Studio, two apps I frequently use for editing, include a handful of effects, but they never seem to have exactly what I need. Read more

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