Top test result for ProDRENALIN and Mercalli Easy - two strong partners for video editing

Top test result for ProDRENALIN and Mercalli Easy - two strong partners for video editing
Action cam videos offer us the opportunity to capture our greatest adventure on film. Unfortunately, these videos are often blurred, showdistorted colours or are compromised by the fish-eye effect.

proDAD'sProDRENALIN received an outstanding score of 4.1 in the test by Multiroto.

"The power of ProDRENALIN is remarkable and almost a must-have for GoPro owners. ProDRENALIN, as well as Mercalli Easy, are a perfect match for gimbal stabilised recordings since gimbals can only stabilise tilting and rotating movements, ProDRENALIN and Mercalli are also able to dampen disruptive forward/backward, sideways, up and down movements, and are easy to design. The rolling shutter correction is a real asset, since the rotors often cast a shadow on the lens and the entire recording thus becomes useless."

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