Adorage 10 - HD Video Effects

proDAD Video Adorageエフェクトパッケージ10 HDビデオエフェクト

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Adorage 10 - HD Video Effects

あなたのビデオ制作に驚くほど美しいフルHDビデオエフェクトを加えてみませんか?それならproDADのAdorageエフェクトパッケージ10-HDビデオエフェクト以外にありません。このパッケージには700以上の美しいHDエフェクトが入っています。またSDビデオ制作にもお使いいただけます。Adobe Premiere Elements/Pro, Pinnacle Studio, Grass Valley/Neo, Corel VideoStudio Pro, MAGIX Video Deluxe/Movie Edit Pro/Movie Edit X, Sony Vegas Movie Studio/Pro, Ulead MediaStudio Pro/VideoStudioなどでエフェクトがスムーズに使えるプラグインもあります。






ビデオ | すべての動画 以下の動画

Adorage 10

Adorage 10

Adorage 10

Adorage 10

Adorage 10

Adorage 10

すべての動画 以下の動画


  • Effects suited for universal use
  • Magical particle effects
  • Decorative frames
  • Inspiring shemes and colors
  • Zoom, scale & rotate-effects
  • Impressing open/close effects
  • Multcore support
  • Easy search for effects
  • Optimized handling


Screenshot proDAD Adorage

The program certainly offers a lot of effects and it is easy to see why many amateurs and professionals enjoy using the software. The package offers themed effects in the genres of "Love & Weddings", "Family Memories", "Holiday, Travel & Landscapes", "Parties & Events" and also "Sports". Additionally a full range of non-themed effects are included for more customised scripts, including the all important opening and ending effects.

If you do a lot of video editing, whether as an amateur or professional, Adorage Effects Package 10 offers a series of very simply implemented, yet professional effects, with plug-ins for the most commonly used video editing packages and we feel it is well worth purchasing. Read more
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Windows 32-Bit および 64-Bit 用 Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10, Win11, 2GB-memory, recommended: i7-cpu, 6 GB memory 


Adorage used as transition and filter
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0, 1.5, 2.0
  • Adobe Premiere CC2014 - CC2019


Adorage used as transition and filter 


Adorage used as transition and filter
  • Corel VideoStudio 12.x
  • Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 - X11


Adorage used as transition and filter 

PowerDirector 13 - 19

Grass Valley K.K.

Adorage used as transition and filter  
  • GV EDIUS NEO 3.x
  • GV EDIUS 6.0 - 9.0


Adorage used as transition and filter
  • MAGIX Video deluxe 15 - 18
  • MAGIX Video deluxe 2013 - 2022
  • MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 - 17
  • MAGIX Video Pro X1 - X13
  • Vegas Pro 13 - 18
  • Vegas Movie Studio 13, 14

Pinnacle Studio

Adorage einsetzbar als Transition und Filter 

Pinnacle Studio 14 - 25


Adorage Effects Package 10

HD Video Effects

99.00 $

Adorage All-in-One Package Vol. 1-13

599.00 $