The variety of action cams is huge

The variety of action cams is huge
New devices and reworked action cams have been coming onto the market lately. The top cameras include not only the GoPro Hero 1, GoPro Hero 2, GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 3+, but certainly the Contour HD, the CameOne, the Sony HDR AS 10, Sony HDR AS 15, and last but not least, the RolleyButtet.

All devices are characterised by HD quality and highly professional video functions.

GoPro HeroThe market leader up to now has certainly been the GoPro Hero 3 for which ProDRENALIN, among others, was designed. First class image quality even under extreme conditions and an almost vibration-free playback characterise this device. The image playback becomes a problem when vibrations and shocks interfere with the recording, as is unfortunately the case in many types of sports. Then the videos appear blurry on the computer later. Only image post-stabilisation by ProDRENALIN can help here. It brings the best out of your sport recordings.

There is only very little difference among the action cams by GoPro, Contour, Sony or Rolley on this point. They all suffer from a perspective distortion from the fish-eye lens and heavy shaking when recording sports.

ProDRENALIN offers you great editing features here that are applicable to almost all types of cameras. Only the correction of the distortion is limited due to the camera profiles integrated into the software on the device: These include GoPro Hero 1-3, Contour HD 1300, CamOne, Sony HDR AS 10 and 15 and Rollei Bullet.

However, many action cam models have lenses with very similar focal lengths. This means that ProDRENALIN also works perfectly with these devices.

If you take your action shots with your mobile phone's camera: ProDRENALIN is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Panasonic Lumix DMC T27.