ProDRENALIN V1 visits ruins of a Maya temple

ProDRENALIN V1 visits ruins of a Maya temple
ProDRENALIN V1 was taken by its users to very different places all over the world. This time it went to the ruins of a temple by the ancient Maya culture. And ProDRENALIN did a great job there.

Action cameras are perfect to record wonderful moments, adventures, and events. The cameras are small and can be carried everywhere. But through movements and kicks the videos can suffer and wobbles will be in them. The software ProDRENALIN V1 is a stabilizing tool for videos. Furthermore it removes the fish-eye-effect and optimizes colours, brightness, and contrast. The stabilization is automatic and extremely efficient.

A walk between old Maya temple definitely is amazing and even more when you have your GoPro with you and can record the walk. But ProDRENALIN V1  should not be missed:

Józef Rozwadowski
2019/05/11 17:34:29
Proszę o wersję próbną do obróbki filmów rodzinnych kronik
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