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2019 proDAD 

Get your exclusive full license of ProDRENALIN V1 for free!

High class video stabilization for action-cam, smartphone and camcorder videos!

Get yourself your personal full version of ProDRENALIN V1 with our proDAD campaign. With ProDRENALIN you optimize action-cam and smartphone recordings and get rid of shakes and vibration – super efficient, fast and so easy to use!

ProDRENALIN V2 Plus – high class optimization for action video

Enjoy your action cam video with dynamic colors, vivid contrast and perfectly stabilized. Also new in ProDRENALIN V2 Plus: The unparalleled speed and efficiency in correcting shakes, distortions and rolling shutter. For the first time ever ProDRENALIN V2 Plus is capable of correcting the extremely annoying wobble effects caused by the CMOS-sensor of your camera.

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now for only 49 EUR!

Make sure to claim your free full version of ProDRENALIN V1 along with the all new ProDRENALIN V2 Plus for a very special discount price of only 49 EUR instead of regular 99 EUR!

Advantages of ProDRENALIN V2:

  • CMOS distortion correction
  • Optimal stabilization results also with fishey video
  • Storyboard function with editing options
  • Optimized and customizable camera profiles
Special deal – available only for a limited time

Action unfortunately finished

 Version comparsion: ProDRENALIN V2 Plus ProDRENALIN V1
 CMOS Distortion Correction ✔︎ -
 Optimized and customizable camera profiles ✔︎ -
 Optimal stabilization results also with fishey video ✔︎ -
 Advanced color correction tools ✔︎ -
 Storyboard function with editing options ✔︎ -
 Apply video filter effects ✔︎ -

Professional stabilization and slow motion tools:

The best professional video stabilizer ever:

With brand-new Mercalli V4 you apply the most powerful and most advanced stabilization tool of all times!

  • Professional stabilization of videos
  • Unique full automatic CMOS correction
  • Most refined and effective 3D stabilization
  • Dynamic zoom reduction
  • Fishey removal

Fascinating super-slomo and hyper-timelapse-video for everybody!

Easy to apply and superfast
  • Turns your standard footage
    into stunning slomo sequences
  • Create professional super-slomo-clips
  • Create timelapse video
  • Intuitive timeline and key frame handling
  • Unify PAL and NTSC-material by switching
    to the desired framerate