ProDRENALIN: No more headaches with blurred shots

ProDRENALIN: No more headaches with blurred shots
Post-editing on the computer is a must for videos that are filmed with action cams.

But which software is the best choice? The selection of stabilising solutions is virtually unlimited, but there are differences in the approach and especially in the results.

What all action cam film makers look for is a program that is easy to use, stabilises and optimises videos quickly and reliably and above all, requires no learning curve. Nothing is more aggravating than wasting your valuable time testing pointless programs and being disappointed by the results in the end.

ProDRENALIN is sought for a test report by http://blog.sell-news.com:
Anyone who wants to quickly and easily post-edit and stabilise his videos, or, for example, just wants to remove the fish-eye effect, should go with proDAD's ProDRENALIN. The complete report can be found here: