ProDRENALIN goes kite surfing: Spectacular action cam videos on the water

ProDRENALIN goes kite surfing: Spectacular action cam videos on the water
Action cams enjoy great popularity, especially with action athletes, since the small cameras are the perfect companion for every adventure. This includes events and sports recording on the water.

Whether you're sailing on the boat, diving underwater or surfing on the board: The action cam records everything.

But since it records everything, there are also sections on the video that every film maker tries to avoid: Blurred images and jerky camera movements.

Imagine that you are just at the stormy North Sea, standing on the beach in your wetsuit, and want to go kite surfing into the cool water:

The wind is whistling, your feet are on the board, your hands are firmly on the handle of the sail and the action cam is securely attached. This is the perfect foundation for great surfing videos, but the camera is moved by the water and the wind and the video is blurred or choppy.

Since the surfers want to show friends and relatives their adventure on the water, it is important to stabilise the video on the PC afterwards so that it is presentable. Despite this, kite boarders need not be satisfied with this type of video, because it could be improved. The solution is proDAD's ProDRENALIN.

ProDRENALIN removes the fish-eye effect, improves the brightness and colours and the most important thing: The video is stabilised.

Steeze kiteboarding has tried out ProDRENALIN and recommends it to all surfers.

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