Mercalli’s stabilization technology enables real time video streaming

Real-Time Image Stabilization!

CinVivo is well known as US American manufacturer of surgical head camera solutions allowing to wirelessly stream from the operating room to a local audience or worldwide. To further optimize the video quality CinVivo approached proDAD to provide a software development kit (SDK) for real time image stabilization.


“We are very happy that our Mercalli technology is being successfully utilized also in the medical sector with great benefits to the live viewing experience” says Andreas Huber, CEO of proDAD. “Working together with CinVivo has been a great pleasure. The development of the Mercalli SDK based on Linux for a Mini PC was completed within just three months’ time.”


Demo videos at the CinVivo website show how much the picture quality benefits from utilizing Mercalli’s stabilization technology in real time. Movements of the surgeon’s head camera are being effectively smoothened. Even the smallest details and steps of an operation can now be comfortably viewed and followed.


proDAD’s Mercalli SDK is available now for manufacturers and developers supporting platforms including Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

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