eBook Vorstellung: "Professionell filmen und fotografieren mit DSLR + DSLM" mit Unterstützung von Mercalli V4 SAL+

eBook Vorstellung: "Professionell filmen und fotografieren mit DSLR + DSLM" mit Unterstützung von Mercalli V4 SAL+
Udo Tschimmel is a television journalist, photographer and cameraman, who produces documentary series and writes non-fiction. In his two latest Kindle e-books "Professional filming and photography", he tells us about his experiences and secrets regarding production, photos and videos and explains how to market your photos and videos successfully.

The e-book is a guide on how to produce professional and high-quality photos with your camera and get the most out of your camera system.

The author reveals practical tips and tricks in terms of DSLR and DSLM, so you become familiar with the professional techniques and know what to look for. Whether exposure, sharpness, colour or contrasts with model, street or architecture photography - Udo Tschimmel will tell you how to do it!

A substantial portion of his e-book deals with the issue of post-stabilisation of videos

Udo Tschimmel, the author of the e-book "Professionally filmed and photographed with DSLR + DSLM", swears by proDAD's Mercalli V4 SAL+:

"Even the best cameraman sometimes delivers blurry film material: The dolly failed, the focus puller was shoved against the camera and the scene could not be repeated, the wind pushed the crane away, while recording from the car, the potholes in the road were much deeper than expected. These are the cases in which the soft stabiliser Mercalli 4 comes to the rescue."

For more about this and many practical tips, and for Mercalli V4 SAL+, you can read his e-book:

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