Slow motion and time-lapse while diving as you desire - exciting report on ReSpeedr by flatflutedivers

Slow motion and time-lapse while diving as you desire - exciting report on ReSpeedr by flatflutedivers
Anyone who edits action cam videos on the PC wants to emphasize the features. Frequently, you will find scenes during video editing or cutting that would be even more spectacular if presented at a different playback speed. Every amateur film maker has certainly already had this experience.

Many editing programs have a slow motion function as an add-on, but this is often very limited, and the user quickly realises what its limitations are. Anyone who wants high quality yet not too costly slow motion or time-lapse should work with proDAD's ReSpeedr.

With ReSpeedr, you can "Pretty easily improve videos with detailed slow motion and fluid time-lapse. The possibilities are endless," according to the field report by flatflutedivers.

One use is to better capture the rapid passage of a rare fish or schools under water with the slow motion effect of ReSpeedr and so literally immerse the viewer of the video in a whole new world.

Here is a review of the underwater films post-edited with ReSpeedr:


11 oct. 2017 23:44:16
Hierbei sollte aber noch erwähnt werden, dass die Framerate der Actioncam ganz entscheidend für das spätere Nachbearbeiten und Zeitlupen-Effekte ist. 60-120 fps sollten es im Full HD oder 4K Modus schon sein, damit es was wird.
19 déc. 2018 13:48:48
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