Filmmaker Jim Hare Dishes on Mercalli SAL Mac, By Robert DeMoulin

Filmmaker Jim Hare Dishes on Mercalli SAL Mac, By Robert DeMoulin
Hare Brained’s founder, Jim Hare speaks about proDAD’s new Mercalli® SAL for Mac.

Working on feature films like The Matrix and The Great Gatsby and creating TV specials for international artists like Wayne Brady and Jim Jeffries, Australia’s Hare Brained Ideas is a production company that knows a thing or two about quality.

"In this day and age, a great stabilizer and fisheye warp correction tool is a must! Gone are the days of a second take. Every frame you shoot needs to be usable and Mercalli makes that possible.

Even on a simple project you might be shooting with 5 different cameras each with their own challenges.   Between rolling shutter, fish eye lenses and integrating drones, gimbals and hand held, no matter how good you are there will always be some shots that need a little help.

I’ve been a big fan of Mercalli for a while now.  The results I’ve seen are second to none and they are putting some massive secret voodoo in their products.   

As a lifelong Apple user I’m over the moon that have brought that incredible power to the Mac. The future is now stable!”

Jim Hare Hare Brained Ideas


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