Coconut for EDIUS

Speed up your workflow
Simplify complex processes
For EDIUS-beginners & pros
Supporting tablets & smartphones

Coconut for EDIUS – The turbo boost for your workflow - coming soon!


Coconut for EDIUS


Imagine there was a tool that could truly speed up your workflow with EDIUS and makes your work more productive. We have developed this tool and are proud to invite you now to have a first look at our newest solution: Coconut for EDIUS.

Coconut stands for „Command and Control Utility“ and works as a tool for any EDIUS-user – no matter whether you are new to EDIUS or already an experienced user – to free yourself of time-consuming tasks within the regular EDIUS-workflow. With Coconut you achieve better results in EDIUS even faster!

Coconut lets you drag and drop those functions that you use most onto a „favorites-panel“. Applying effects or filters onto a clip as well as applying color to a clip is just once click away – instead of concentrating on clicking through menus.

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Two versions of Coconut will be available:

  • Coconut’s standard version already comes with a large variety of presets, comfortably to be arranged according to the user’s needs on the favorites-panel as well as on a tablet, smartphone or another PC. The price for Coconut as standard version will be 149 Euro.
  • Coconut Professional will additionally allow the user to create and program individual commands addressing more experienced users. The price for Coconut Professional will be 299 Euro.
  • Shortly specialized proDAD resellers will also be offering to create individual commands and processes according to customer’s wishes as a payable service. If your time is limited, you will not even have to dive into learning how to program Coconut. Thanks to our service partners you will be provided with your own customized workflow to fully benefit from Coconut as quick as possible. The Coconut-experts will be glad to assist you.
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Do you apply certain commands within EDIUS often and have you therefore often wished for a more comfortable and faster way? Please write to us about your idea and workflow and send us an email at With a little bit of luck you might find your proposal as a ready to use preset within Coconut.


Coconut Preview